On an interview for E! News, Josh Holloway started to talk about how his character reacts to Juliet‘s death:
“Now that he’s lost Juliet, I think the leader-hero thing is gone. I think he doesn’t give a s–t to be anyone’s leader at this point. He’s heartbroken. He’s back to ‘The world sucks’ and maybe throughout this season someone can redeem him again and bring him back from hell, because right now, he’s in hell.”
“Knowing Damon Lindelof, Sawyer must die. Maybe Carlton Cuse will soften. I always thought he should die. I think he should die because him and society is never going to work, so why go back?”

I for one am not a fan of sad endings and I think Lost had just one too many major deaths on the previous seasons, so let Sawyer live!