I’ve decided to put together a list of all the new TV shows that are coming out this year, complete with video previews, premiere dates and personal opinions.

Only ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC shows are covered  in this post, so I will ask one of my co-editors to showcase the CW ones.

Check them out after the jump!

V – Drama ABC – November 3rd

Everybody seems to be excited about “V” and that includes me. A show about aliens feels long overdue and who doesn’t love Elizabeth Mitchell?

Flash Forward – Drama – ABC – September 24th

The whole “2 minutes 17 seconds blackout” thing sounds intriguing. Could this be the next Lost?

Cougar Town – Comedy – ABC – September 23th

It has some not-so-funny parts, but it’s mostly funny :). Courtney does her job brilliantly, although the whole cast looks great. Looking forward to this one.

The Middle – Comedy – ABC – September 30th

At first I thought this is a goner, but watching the preview, I’ve changed my mind. Patricia is funny as always and that kid is BRILLIANT! 🙂

Community – Comedy – NBC – September 17th

Eastwick – Dramedy – ABC – September 23rd

Nothing makes me want to watch this show, except maybe the fact that it features Rebecca Romijn.

The Forgotten – Drama – ABC – September 22nd

Hank – Comedy – ABC – September 30th

Modern Family – Comedy – ABC – September 23rd –

Accidentally On Purpose – Comedy – CBS – September 21st

The Good Wife – Drama – CBS – September 21st

Three Rivers – Drama – CBS – October 4th

Brothers – Comedy – FOX – September 25th