Greek - 3.02 "Our Fathers"

GREEK - 3.02 "Our Fathers"

Cappie: “The dad, huh? Sorry about that, Spitter!”
Rusty: “Why? She said he’s really nice. Just a regular guy. I’m supposed to call him Jack. It’s gonna be great!”
Cappie: “It’s gonna be awkward, at best! At worst, there’s gonna be a heated argument, gunfire, one or more people are gonna lose a kidney!… Or I’ve just been reading too much Jody Picoult. Never mind.

GREEK - 3.02 (Our Fathers)

GREEK - 3.02 (Our Fathers)

All singing: “Oh Daddy, Daddy, I’ve once sat on your knee and I still remember the lessons you taught me”
Jordan: “Like always eat your vegetables, but first you must give thanks.”
Ashleigh: “Like never tell a lie, unless you want to die!”
Jordan: “Wait, those are not the words.”
Ashleigh: “Like never trust a slut who has a big old butt!”
Rebecca: “I do not have a big old butt!”
Casey: “You do have a big mouth, though”
Rebecca: “All right! Let’s settle this right now, you and me! Yeah, bitch!”
Casey: “You’re the bitch!”
Ashleigh: “You’re both bitches!”