90210 - 2.01 "To New Beginnings"

Adrianna: “What about Liam? Where is he? What’s he up to?”
Silver: “I heard that he moved back to Long Island.”
Naomi: “Yeah! He’s probably tormenting some hair-sprayed chick with french manicure toe nails as we speak. Ugh, vomit! Thank God I got over that jerk!”
Silver: “Amen!”
Naomi: “It’s actually ridiculous how long it took me to get over him. He screwed that little skank in my bed. You’d think that would have done the trick.”
Silver: “Okay, wait. You didn’t actually find Annie in bed with Liam. You found her wrap. It’s circumstantial evidence.”
Naomi: “Silver, she did it! She slept with my man in my bed and then she called the cops on my party. Three people heard her.”
Silver: “Okay, I know that she called the cops. I’m not saying Annie is not a rat. She’s a rat, but come on, a skank? I don’t know…”
Naomi: “No, I know! She did it, okay? And she needs to be punished!”