Greek - 3.04 "High and Dry"

Greek - 3.04 "High and Dry"

Cappie: “So that’s it? You’re gonna throw in the towel?”
Rusty: “What else can I do? Hastings is the only professor I have a relationship with.”
Cappie: “As with all relationships, Spitter, it’s a numbers game. Wade, how many girls smacked you at Dobbler’s last week-end before you found one who’d go home with you?”
Wade: “My cheek went numb after my first dozen, but then I found a transferred who didn’t know any better.”
Cappie: “See? You need to find a high concentration professor to hit on! Sure you might get slapped by 99 of them, but you just need that 100th professor to sleep with you! You know, metaphorically!”

Greek - 3.04 "High and Dry"
Greek – 3.04 “High and Dry”

Calvin: “I’m gay! And I have inappropriate feelings for my straight roommate and this gift is proof of that.”
Rebeca [pretending]: “You’re what?!” [slaps Calvin] “No wonder you never kiss me with tongue! How long have you been gay?”

[ … ]

Calvin: “Let’s go!”
Rebeca: “We’re leaving? Cause it’s just starting to get good!”
Calvin: “Come on!”
Rebeca: “That’s the problem with our relationship! We never do anything fun!”
Calvin: “That’s why I don’t date girls!”