Grey's Anatomy - 6.07 "Give Peace a Chance"

Lexie: “You saw him yesterday! We was spinning himself in circles, mumbling like some crazy psych patient. And he was mean!”
Jackson: “Well, he’s your psych patient, now. Deal with it, diaper genie!”
Lexie: “Hey! I wore a diaper yesterday, yes! And I will wear one today. If it helps get Dr.Shepherd through this surgery, I will wear a diaper. Cause my diaper is awesome!  My diaper is hard-core! You wish you had the balls to wear my diaper! I’m gonna wear it and I’m gonna wear it with pride. And if I have to pee in it, oh, I’ll pee. Because I’m a surgeon. This is America and I will do what needs to be done. So you can kiss my hard-core diaper wearing ass!”