Desperate Housewives - 6.06 "Don't Walk on the Grass"

Gabrielle: “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Before this gets ugly, you do realize I don’t know how to teach?”
Carlos: “Really? You thought Juanita a few choice words.”
Gabrielle: “Me?! How about you? ‘What a blank of a day!’, ‘Earl at the office is such a blank!’, ‘I wanna kick the blank out of his blank!'”
Carlos: “Oh yeah? How about ‘That blanking hair-dresser totally screwed up my blanking hair. Look at me! I’m totally blanked!'”
Gabrielle: “‘The blanking client didn’t sign the deal and we lost a blank load of money’! Wha! Blank! Blank! Blank!”
Carlos: “Okay, we are both at fault, but you’re home-schooling here.”
Gabrielle: “Fine! But I know someone who isn’t getting blanked tonight!”