The Vampire Diaries - 1.09 "History Repeating"

Damon: “I got the town of our back. It was for the greater good. But I’m sorry! And to prove it, I’m not gonna feed on human for at least a… week, I’ll adopt the ‘Stefan diet’. Only nothing with feathers.”
Stefan: “Cause I realized that killing your closest and oldest friend is beyond evil and yet, somehow it’s wordy of humor.’
Damon: “Are you imitating me?”
Stefan: “Yes, Stefan! Now that the secret society of vampire haters is off our back, I can go back to my routine of ‘how can I destroy Stefan’s  life this week’.”
Damon: “And I can go back to sulking and Elena longing. This is fun, I like this.”
Stefan: “And I will finally reveal the ulterior motive behind my evil and diabolical return to Mystic Falls.”
Damon: “Yeah… I’m done! ‘This is like you, Damon! Always have to have the last word!'”


Elena: “I’m sorry, Stefan! I thought that I couldn’t be with you, but I can. You don’t have to push me away. I can do this!”
Stefan: “I can’t! I have to leave, Elena. Too many people have died. Too much has happened…”
Elena: “What? No! I know you think you’re protecting people -”
Stefan: “I have to. Coming home was… was a mistake. I can’t be a part of your life anymore.”
Elena: “Don’t go, Stefan! Please, you don’t have to! This is your home. Just… please don’t go!”
Stefan: “Good bye, Elena!”
“You’re just gonna walk away? Don’t walk away, Stefan! Stefan!!”