Desperate Housewives - 6.12 "You Gotta Get a Gimmick"

Principal: “It’s been quite a long time since we’ve  had a little girl of Mexican descent.”
Carlos: “Well, we are very proud of our heritage, but Juanita can stand on her own merits. She’s very bright.”
Gabrielle: “And I know I am bias, but I do think she is a young genius.”
Juanita: “I am Mexican…?”
Gabrielle: “Honey, what did you just say?”
Juanita: “He called me Mexican!”
Carlos: “You are Mexican, honey! You know that.”
Juanita: “Since when? I thought we were American.”
Carlos: “Yes, but our ancestors came from Mexico.”
Juanita: “Really?! So we’re like those people who sell oranges on the side of the road?”
Gabrielle: “You’re busy! We should go!”

Desperate Housewives - 6.10 "Boom Crunch"

Lee: “Hey what is going on with you two?”
Gabrielle: “I don’t wanna get into it.”
Bree: “Well, whatever it is you need to work it out. We are carolling at the festival on Saturday and we can’t have two of our Jingle Bells fighting.”
Lee: “You know, if you need a replacement, I’ve been told that I have a husky alto.”
Mrs. McCluskey: “No way! Girls only! We’re the Jingle Bells, not the Jingle Balls!”
Lee: “Shouldn’t you be out stealing the last can of Who hash?”
Mrs. McCluskey: “Wanna see me go all “Grinch” on your ass?”
Gabrielle: “To be honest, Bree, I don’t think I’m gonna be able to sing with Lynette after she -”
Lynette: “After she… what? Are you about to trash me?”
Gabrielle: “I have way too much class to trash you, no matter how much you deserve it.”
Lee: “Merry Christmas to me. [to Gabrielle] What did she do?”
Gabrielle: “She’s suing Carlos.”
Mrs. McCluskey: “You’re suing him?”
Lynette: “Because he fired me.”
Susan: “He fired her?”
Gabrielle: Because she lied about being pregnant!
Bree: “You’re pregnant?!”
Susan: “With twins.”
Mrs. McCluskey: “You knew?”
Lynette: “I told her to keep it quiet.”
Bree: “Congratulations…!”
Gabrielle: “Sure, take her side.”
Lynette: “She’s not!’
Susan: “Stop fighting! I mean, with all we’ve been through lately, Julie being attacked, Danny Bolen’s overdose, we really need some Christmas spirit around here.”
Bree: “Susan’s right.”
Susan: “This is the time we should come together and celebrate peace on Earth, and good will towards men and…”
[they hear sirens of an ambulance and two police cars arriving]  “Oh, crap! Who’s dead now?”

Desperate Housewives - 6.09 "Would I Think of Suicide?"

Lynette: “Hey! What is this?”
Gabrielle: “Candy, flowers, baby gift. Sorta my way of saying I’m sorry and here’s some crap to prove it.”