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Always adopt! Never buy!

Check out this new add for PETA, starring Chuck beauty, Yvonne Strahovski, and her two dogs. Leaving aside how gorgeous she is, you gotta admit it makes perfect sense. The shelter puppies are just as cute and lovely as the ones you can get from pet shops. And why spend a shit load of money on something you can get for free? And you get to make one of those innocent creatures happy 😀


TV Shows I’m Watching This Fall, by Catalina :)

Fall is coming quickly and as of next week my tv shows are coming back. After a 3 month drought, [well not really a total drought, I have watched a few series this summer :D] I am really happy to go back to my weekly dose of tv shows. I’m pretty sure I will fall back on some of them, due to lack of time, but I like to know they are there when I get a spare moment, or more like 40 minutes 😉

As many of my friends know [and have laughed of maaaany times :p] I am pretty much of a lists freak 😀 I like making lists, what can I say? :)) So, to celebrate the return of my favorite past-time, I made a short list [and by short I mean 25 items long] of the tv shows I’m gonna watch this fall 😀 I hope my co-editors will do the same, if they have the time and will want to.


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Ryan McPartlin – August Man Magazine

Check out Chuck‘s Captain Awesome in the September 2010 issue of August Man. Nice, huh? :> They don’t call him Captain Awesome for nothing :))

Chuck – Season 4 Promo

Can’t wait! ❤

Happy Birthday, Yvonne Strahovski!

Chuck being… Chuck :D

Check out this hilarious, absolutely adorable still from the upcoming episode of Chuck, “Chuck versus the Role Models”. You gotta love Zachary Levi ❤ 😀

Supernatural gets Chuck-ed :)


Gossip Girl – 3.01 “Reversals of Future”

Gossip Girl - 3.01 "Reversals of Future"

Gossip Girl - 3.01 "Reversals of Future"

[Ashley tries to kiss him]
Chuck: “Uh-uh.”
Ashley: “Why not?”
Chuck: “It’s better to wait.”
Ashley: “How long?”
: “Let’s see … [Blair walks in] Now.”
Blair: “What the hell is going on?!”
Chuck: “Blair, I can explain.”
Ashley: “Uh, Im sorry. I didn’t know he had a girlfriend.”
Chuck: “Yes, you did! [looks at Blair] She did.”
Blair: “Shame on you, Ashly Hinshaw! How could you do that? Pick up someone in a relationship?  Have you no pride? No self respect?”
Ashley: “But I didn’t know – ”
Blair: “You may have an Abercrombie campaign and a security code to Clooney’s castle, but that doesn’t give you the right to try and steal someone else’s man! Now take your American girl hair and your poreless skin and GET OUT!”
Ashley: “Okay, you’re crazy!”
[Blair nods her head]