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TV Shows I’m Watching This Fall, by Catalina :)

Fall is coming quickly and as of next week my tv shows are coming back. After a 3 month drought, [well not really a total drought, I have watched a few series this summer :D] I am really happy to go back to my weekly dose of tv shows. I’m pretty sure I will fall back on some of them, due to lack of time, but I like to know they are there when I get a spare moment, or more like 40 minutes šŸ˜‰

As many of my friends know [and have laughed of maaaany times :p] I am pretty much of a lists freak šŸ˜€ I like making lists, what can I say? :)) So, to celebrate the return of my favorite past-time, I made a short list [and by short I mean 25 items long] of the tv shows I’m gonna watch this fall šŸ˜€ I hope my co-editors will do the same, if they have the time and will want to.


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The 2010 Teen Choice Awards – Winners & Pics

I can’t say that I was impressed by this year’s Teen Choice Awards. It was good, but kinda meh… It used to be something I was looking for every summer, but now not so much. Maybe it’s because I’m getting old :))

Aaanywho, here are some pics and after the jump a complete list of the winners šŸ™‚

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