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Yeeeey! All-star season :D:D:D Can’t wait! ❤


TV Shows I’m Watching This Fall, by Radu

OK, it’s my turn now to showcase my list of TV shows for the 2010/2011 season. I don’t have as many as Catalina and I know from experience that I will find it very difficult to keep up but I will do my best :D. So, here we go:

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TV Shows I’m Watching This Fall, by Catalina :)

Fall is coming quickly and as of next week my tv shows are coming back. After a 3 month drought, [well not really a total drought, I have watched a few series this summer :D] I am really happy to go back to my weekly dose of tv shows. I’m pretty sure I will fall back on some of them, due to lack of time, but I like to know they are there when I get a spare moment, or more like 40 minutes 😉

As many of my friends know [and have laughed of maaaany times :p] I am pretty much of a lists freak 😀 I like making lists, what can I say? :)) So, to celebrate the return of my favorite past-time, I made a short list [and by short I mean 25 items long] of the tv shows I’m gonna watch this fall 😀 I hope my co-editors will do the same, if they have the time and will want to.


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The Amazing Race – Season 15 Teams

The 15th season of The Amazing Race is right around the corner. Sunday, September 27, to be more exact. It will have a 2 hour premiere and I expect it to be nothing but amazing 😀 Until then, I present you the 12 teams that will be  in the race around the world.

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The Amazing Race – Season 15 Promo

There’s not much to this first promo for ‘The Amazing Race’, especially since it’s 20 seconds long. However, it still manages to make us even more excited for the upcoming season. I, for one, can’t wait! 😀